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Are you high?
First couplet:(italics = Juliette)
You feel that you’re isolated - yeah
Feel that you’re persecuted – yeah!
You feel that all the people – well...
Around you are fucking evil – right!

You wanna get a new morgage-duhh
You could end up livin’ homeless - wherrr
Believe in what your leaders say – hey!
Think there is no other way – hey!

First bridge:
It’s time you woke up, and slapped your stupid face
Get it together, and join us in the fight

refrain: (X2)
Are you high?
Are you high?
Are you high?
tripping, fucking high

second couplet:
You believe that it’s all gonna last, -what?
that the environment is not that bad – yeah righ!t
You believe that the police - yuck
are there to protect your arse - fuck

Think that greed’s a motivator -fool!
Think that Jesus is your savior – who?
Think you should obey your betters –what?
Think your boss can give you orders – fuck?

second bridge:
Is it possible to change somebody’s mind?
Change what they believe, join us in the fight!

refrain: (X2)
Are you high?
Are you high?
Are you high?
tripping, fucking high

Open your eyes
change your mind
this is life
Don’t run away from the truth my friend
The world is dying, open your eyes
Refrain (x4)


from Alphabet of a Revolution, released July 3, 2012




Louis Lingg and the Bombs Paris, France

Louis Lingg and the Bombs are goddamn punk-rock-garage-pop-anarcho saviours of the 2 and half minute pop song. The bombs they throw are musical, they come from Paris (they could only come from Paris!) and they'll grab you and demand your instant attention.

Their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children's nursery rhyme riot-pop.
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