Made of Fakes

by Louis Lingg and the Bombs

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The world's first AI augmented pop punk record! Yeah!

The songs were generated with an AI system so they're all a little bit similar. This is still, (in 2019), the most fun sounding AI record ever made! Boom! Enjoy!

You can generate infinite amounts of your own songs at any length at Muzeek’s website. Just sign up here and generate some music for free:

“We wanted to do this to show that AI is not only about generative techno, electro or avant-garde classical music. The most visceral music with a human touch can also be fun to do with this tech. We wanted to prove that it’s possible to create songs that can touch you and move you with this new technology.”

Josh from the band explains “There have been other attempts to create musical AI projects over the years like Skygge who had elements of the instruments generated automatically and manually composed the rest or Dadabots who take only the best few minutes from days of generated audio. For our project, we wanted every single unique song generation that the computer spits out to be totally listenable with real lyrics and vocals, A world first!”

“It can seem a bit of a gimmick for the casual listener because the songs the computer generates are a little too similar to each other sometimes but having an an automatic, intelligent music arranger/producer can literally save days of work for someone who wants music to fit perfectly with their videos, this is the true power of the system. You can go to the Muzeek website and generate infinite pop-punk to whatever length you want.”

“Writing this song was a challenge but it felt natural to us as computer literate musicians. It’s like creating a sculpture compared with a two dimensional painting. Every musical decision that takes place has to take into account the project as a whole as we never knew what the finished songs would be until the computer started generating them! Other artists should try this as it pushes the creative envelope and we came up with some melodies we never would have thought of normally.”

“One important thing to note is that we recorded this song in our rehearsal studio with minimal equipment, in our spare time. The advances we’ve made in AI music are mostly to do with the fact that we come from Paris at a time when AI based technology is becoming a widespread phenomenon here. In the future, I can already imagine that artists all over the world will have to include at least one AI augmented project with every major release so fans can have the perfect, unique song for them and their needs. We could be heading for crazy times!"

You can generate your own songs at Muzeek’s website. Just sign up here and generate some music for free:


released May 6, 2019

Music by Louis Lingg and the Bombs.... kind of...
You could say a part of the writing was done by AI!

Maybe we'll say: arranging and studio assistant: the Muzeek AI system.
(hey, it's never been done before so I don't really know how to describe it!)




Louis Lingg and the Bombs Paris, France

Louis Lingg and the Bombs are goddamn punk-rock-garage-electro-big beat-pop-anarcho saviours of the 2 and half minute pop song. The bombs they throw are musical, they come from Paris (they could only come from Paris!) and they'll grab you and demand your instant attention.
Their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children's nursery rhyme riot-pop. Formed in 2006!!!!
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